NKUT 2015 impact

Putting the ‘Together’ in ‘Together, we can Save Them All’

By Emily Douglas on March 28, 2016

Big things are happening in the state of Utah, and we don’t mean puppy tours of Bryce Canyon or kitten skydiving in Salt Lake City.

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By Kelli Harmon on September 14, 2015

New event is a day of fun for Utahns, and results in new homes for Utah pets.

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Celebrating new homes

By Denise LeBeau on September 1, 2015

Celebrate Freedom helps NKUT animals find loving families across Utah and beyond.

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Training seminar to the rescue

By Denise LeBeau on August 4, 2015

Best Friends brings Animal Behavior Workshop to NKUT Coalition.

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Nuzzles & Co. logo

Rebranding for Friends of Animals Utah

By Denise LeBeau on July 8, 2015

Rebranded as Nuzzles & Co., the organization seeks to expand its work.

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A winning event for hundreds of pets

By Denise LeBeau on May 14, 2015

NKUT Adoption Weekend brings rescue groups and animal lovers together.

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Small black and white dog

Spotlight on Hope’s Rescue

By Denise LeBeau on April 15, 2015

NKUT Coalition member helps at-risk pets get second chances.

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NKUT’s first anniversary

By Denise LeBeau on April 15, 2015

Best Friends celebrates pets and pet-lovers dedicated to saving them all.

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A very positive partnership

By Denise LeBeau on March 25, 2015

Ashley Valley Community Cats helps municipal shelter save more cats.

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Leading the way at NKUT

By Denise LeBeau on March 3, 2015

New manager at No-Kill Utah ready to meet lifesaving goals.

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