NKUT Report card

Closer Than Ever to No-Kill 

Launched in 2014 and led by Best Friends, the NKUT (No-Kill Utah) initiative brings together Utah's shelters, rescue groups, other animal welfare organizations and passionate individuals to end the killing of cats and dogs in Utah's shelters. We are extremely close, but there's still work to be done. We're confident that by working together, we can save many more lives. We've identified the counties shown on our map with the largest lifesaving gaps. The map indicates the number of additional animals we must save this year in each community to reach no-kill. You can do your part by supporting community cats in your area and adopting your next pet. Thank you for being a part of this lifesaving network and for bringing Utah closer than ever to no-kill. 

Please visit NKUT.org to find our partner shelter and rescue groups.