Kitten Care Center and Lifesaving Center Merger 

We are excited to announce we have moved the Kitten Care Center operations to the Lifesaving Center in Sugar House. These past couple of years, our Kitten Care Center operated dramatically differently than in the past, we relied heavily on foster homes instead of using our kennel space. Having kittens in homes is the best environment for them to thrive and socialize in. Our dedicated network of foster homes allowed us to save more animals than ever before and we were able to find homes for 1,500 more homeless pets! Having our staff, animals, and community resources in one place will allow us to streamline our processes and we feel confident we can continue grow our lifesaving programs.  


Does this mean Best Friends will stop focusing on kittens?

No, Best Friends still will continue to help kittens from the shelter system. We took in 1,000 more kittens this year under our new foster community-based model, we will continue to grow that number into the new year.

Will we still need volunteer help with kittens?

Yes! We will still have the need to have volunteers help with feeding kittens on site, cleaning, and foster support. Volunteers are essential to our success.

Will this merger limit the number of animals you can save?

No, in fact, we feel like we will be able to save more animals by having our team and resources at one location. Our foster network is an integral part of why we were able to increase our lifesaving, and we will continue to grow this program in 2022.

Where will all the animals go? Where will all our supplies go?

We have configured our current space at the Lifesaving Center to house animals as needed, however we will continue to rely on the support of our amazing foster network, where most of our animals are.