Patrick in foster home
By: on January 14, 2019

Meet Patrick. This head-turning hottie had the chance to spend the holiday season in a foster home, and he’s proven to be a ridiculously fun combination of naughty and nice. Big personality with lots of energy? Yes. Intelligent, friendly and game for just about anything? Indeed. Patrick is hoping for an active home where he can learn and explore with people who adore him. If that sounds like your speed, read on.

Seven signs Patrick may be just the dog for you:

1. You’re going places! Or at least you like to. Patrick’s all-time favorite activity is riding in the car.

2. Handsome and confident suits you.

3. You intuitively understand that Patrick’s dark, brooding outward appearance is just a front for an inner extroverted goofball.

4. You think it’s charming that Patrick likes being on the road so much that he’ll hop into any ride with an open door — including strangers’ cars and delivery trucks. #adorbs

5. You get a huge kick out of watching the canine brain in action. Patrick dominates food puzzles like a boss.

6. You love doing things (attention runners and hikers) and would love to have a loyal pal by your side.

7. You believe training, communication, games and boundaries are part of building a solid relationship. After all, life is not a spectator sport.

So, could Patrick be the pet you’ve been waiting for? Contact for more information or to meet this beautiful babe in person.