Recently, Jazzy made an unusual request for a piece of stationery and an impeccable speller with opposable thumbs. We delivered. Here’s what resulted.
By: on March 13, 2018

To my new person:

I’m not like a lot of other cats. Forget that I write letters. What really sets me apart is that I seriously can’t get enough of you. Now maybe you’ve met friendly cats before and you’re used to a little feline affection. Oh honey, I’m way past that. We’re talking about an incurable person-crush turned up to eleven.

The way I see it, you’ve got arms — arms for holding, petting and brushing. (Ohhhh … the brushing!) And I’m so irresistible that I could make even a baby panda jealous. So you and I, we just make sense together. 

Jazzy with her foster dad.

Bottom line, I’m not looking for non-stop fun and games. Truth be told, those chirpy cat toys freak me out a little. Noises are just not my jam. But if you’re down for snuggle summits, grooming marathons, and long conversations while I demonstrate the proper use of a scratching post, I think this is going to work out pretty spectacularly.

Sure, I have my quirks. I’ve got a thing about needing to smell your food before you eat it. I don’t want to taste it, I just want to smell it. It’s weird, right? But also pretty adorable? Trust me, it is.

And maybe you’ve got your own set of idiosyncrasies. Don’t worry, I get it. Except when you go into that tiny room with the huge faucet — the one with the shampoo and bar of soap — and turn on the water. That’s a habit I will never understand.

Did I mention that I can’t wait to meet you? (If you're interested, email utahfoster@bestfriends.org or call 801-574-2454.)