July 10, 2017

Thackery Binx
12 years old
Neutered male
Domestic medium hair, flame/cream point

Thackery Binx is a relaxed and snuggly cat who has made the staff and volunteers fall in love with him. He spends his days lounging around and he really just wants a home where he can relax and spend time with his human. He has done well with other cats, but we are not sure about dogs. Thackery has to be on special food to make sure he does not get urinary crystals, but other than that he is perfectly healthy. If someone is looking for a gentle, loving kitty, Thackery Binx is the one.

Please email us at to make an appointment to meet our Adorable Adoptable in person. We can set up an appointment 7 days a week at our Pet Adoption Center in Sugar House, or feel free to stop by.