Super Adoption
The Zion of adoption events is coming to Salt Lake City again this spring. Brace yourself for the lifesaving extravaganza.
May 08, 2016

Right now, oodles of adoptable cats, kittens, dogs and puppies are packing up their toys in preparation for something very special: the chance to go home, for good.

It’s almost time for the spring Best Friends NKUT Super Adoption event in Salt Lake City, where thousands of people and hundreds of adoptable pets will mix and mingle with the hope of making the ultimate love match. Whether you’re looking to adopt a new best friend right now or not, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

Last year, 856 cats and dogs found loving new homes at NKUT’s super adoption events, with 466 of those going home over the course of just two days at the spring event. Now that’s a lot of love!

Where to go and when to be there

Location: Utah State Fair Park, 1000 W North Temple in Salt Lake City

Event hours: Friday, May 13, noon – 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 14, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Event parking is free.

The lifesaving lowdown

With a target event goal of 550 adoptions, this super adoption may be Utah’s biggest yet. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Sugarhouse and several NKUT Coalition shelter and rescue partners will bring adoptable cats and dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds to the event — so many choices, so many wagging tails, so many soothing purrs, and plenty of time to meet them all.

All pets are spayed or neutered and vaccinated and come with their own little starter kit, including food and a toy. Adoption fees start at $25 for cats and $50 for dogs.

Food and fun for the whole family

A fabulous lineup of food trucks and vendors, along with entertainment from Broadway Media, will be on hand throughout the day. Sugarhouse Donuts, Food Cartel and others will be there to keep everyone well-fed, and vendors in attendance will include California Chi, Utah Dog Park, Camp Bow Wow, Wag Swap Pet Supplies, Why We Wag and Corrine & Rudy.

Best Friends partner, BOBS from Skechers will also run a promotion on event day. They’ll have their snazzy shoes on sale and will be having a contest to win a special BOBS cat carrier or dog bed. And for those of you who adopt your new best friend that weekend, make sure to fill out a custom BOBS paw print or bone to hang from the adoption tree at the park. With so many animals heading home that day, it’s sure to be quite a sight.

Cat puns and coffee, anyone?

For those of you who tend to lean more feline than canine, Tinker’s Cat Cafe (scheduled to open in Salt Lake City this summer) will be set up in the cat building, with tea and coffee available.

The first of its kind in Salt Lake City, Tinker’s will serve a variety of specialty coffee and tea drinks and will feature adoptable cats from NKUT Coalition partner, Salt Lake County Animal Services. Prepare yourself for the best “catpuccino” coffee and “camomeow” tea you’ve ever had.

To complement the coffee and tea from Tinker’s on event day, a foster bar with Ruby Snap cookies will be set up at the cat building as well. Come munch on some sweets and learn more about our lifesaving kitten foster program.

Adoption spotlight: Fynlee

Among the hundreds of lovable cats and dogs planning to attend the event, is a very special pup named Fynlee, who will be available for adoption through Rescue Rovers.

Friendly, freckled and fabulous, Fynlee loves dogs, cats and all kinds of people, according to her caregivers, and is one of the most beautiful dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She’s also got a very special condition called megaesophagus, which means that she has a hard time getting food to go down her esophagus properly. So, she comes with a special “throne” to sit on while she eats!

Fynlee’s condition doesn’t affect her ability to run or play in any way. And she’s already developed a fondness for her special food chair, because she knows it means that good chow is soon to follow.

At two years of age and a compact 30 pounds, this lovely little shepherd gal is ready to head home from the super adoption with a very special family, if she doesn’t get scooped up before then! So make sure to swing by and say hello. She might even let you try out her throne.

Get involved

Ready to start your countdown to super adoption time? Stay connected with us on the NKUT and Best Friends Facebook pages and learn more about NKUT at

Interested in learning more about dogs with megaesophagus? Read about a special puppy named Duncan who was adopted through Best Friends’ Guardian Angel program.