Save Them All
Strut Your Mutt is so much more than a dog walk
September 11, 2014

Saturday, September 13, we'll be hosting the 19th Strut Your Mutt in Salt Lake City. If you're under the impression that it's just a giant group dog walk, read on! While it may start out with that, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your whole family occupied. Our registration and check-in, vendor tents, food trucks, photo booth and tattoo station open at 8am. At 10am, the walk starts and the beer garden opens, and the festviities continue until 1pm. Join us at Liberty Park, and make sure you don't miss these must-dos:

1. Tattoos
You and your dog can sport Strut Your Mutt, Best Friends or Save Them All stencil airbrush temporary tattoos for free! (They wash off easily with soap and water.)

2. Photo booth
Take a free photo with the whole family - including the furry ones. Our professional photographer will capture your best side in front of our red carpet style backdrop.

3. Squatters Chasing Tail Ale
When you sip some of this special brew from Squatters, part of the proceeds go directly to Best Friends! Stop by the beer garden for a refreshing break.

4. Paws & Pals 
Celebrate the special bond between your kids and dogs by creating a keepsake paws-and-hands print for free. It’s just one of the activities going on in our Kid Zone and Dog Zone fun spots.

5. Frozen hot chocolate
Yes, we said FROZEN hot chocolate. No, not in the ‘Let It Go’ sense, but the delicious chocolatey brain freeze sense. Get it at Cherry’s Hot Chocolate, one of the five fabulous food trucks serving Strut Your Mutt.

6. Look-a-like contest
Do you and your dog look like brothers? Twins, even? You could win a prize! Other contests include Best (Dog) Kisser, Biggest Head, Best Trick and Best Costume, so come ready to compete.

7. Reid Ewing
While his character, Dylan, on Modern Family may not be too bright, Reid is smart enough to know rescue dogs rule. He and his four rescued beagles are big fans of Best Friends. Reid will be hosting our Rescue Runway, showcasing adoptable dogs from our rescue partners at Strut Your Mutt.