Fill your house with love! Foster with Best Friends in Utah.

As we bring more at-risk pets into our lifesaving program, we need more foster homes! Can you help? Our dogs and cats would love to keep you company. Plus, it'll help make more room at the shelter and our center for incoming pets. We provide the food and supplies, you provide the loving home. Fostering is a fantastic way to help save lives, so sign up today or email/call your local shelter and offer to foster. 

Pets currently in need of foster 

Dog and puppy foster application

Cat and kitten foster application

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Start by filling out the online application
  2.  Look for a follow-up email with access to our online orientation that explains how the program operates
  3.  Sign up for your first foster pick up and meet with our foster coordinators who will offer supplies & support
  4. Provide your foster pet with care and love while receiving food, supplies, veterinary care, and access to a 24-hour emergency phone line

Your commitment today can help make Utah a no-kill state. It’s that easy!


What type of pets can I foster?

Cats & Kittens

This year, Utah shelters will receive thousands of kittens (two months of age or younger) who need urgent rescue and care. We are looking for Kitten First Responders who can bottle feed kittens overnight while we secure a long-term foster home! If you’re interested in learning more about our Kitten First Responder program, email

We are also in need of foster homes for adult cats who have special requirements or just need a break from the stressful shelter setting. As an adult cat foster, you'll provide us with valuable information about your foster cat's personality that will help us find the perfect adopter!

Dogs & Puppies

By fostering a dog, you’ll provide the animal with necessary relief from life in a shelter. Just one night in a foster home can be extremely beneficial to a dog’s mental health. Providing a comfortable temporary home for Utah’s most at-risk dogs will also provide us with information about the animals’ in-home behavior and plays a crucial role in helping us find them forever homes.


  1. Willing to complete an online registration (~15 minutes) including: creating a volunteer profile, watching a short orientation video, and digitally signing agreement forms
  2. Must be eighteen years or older ─ or have a parent/guardian’s assistance
  3. Reliable transportation and internet access to schedule your foster pet’s appointments

Can’t foster but want to help?

A lifesaving gift to Utah's pets Your gift to the animals goes straight to work helping dogs and cats right here in Utah. You'll be supporting ongoing operations at the Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City and ensuring countless pets across the state receive lifesaving medical care, love, companionship and the chance to find a family of their very own. 

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