Texas to Utah Transport
By: on February 20, 2019

Getting the entire nation to no-kill by the year 2025 requires some innovative thinking, along with some good old-fashioned collaboration between shelters and animal welfare groups.

One of the ways we’re working together to Save Them All is through transport programs. With the help of volunteers and network partners, we’re giving lifts to animals from states and shelters where they’re at high risk of being killed to places where they’ll have a better chance at getting adopted.

Basically, we’re giving homeless pets rides to save their lives, and that’s where you come in.

Because more dogs and cats (nearly 220,000 per year) are killed in Texas shelters than in any other state, Texas is a top priority for transport programs. And because Utah is nearly no-kill, our state has the capacity to help some of these animals.

On February 9, Best Friends brought 25 dogs from the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, to Salt Lake City to give them the opportunity to find forever homes. While they’re waiting, Best Friends needs someone like you to foster one or more of these precious dogs.

When you provide a foster home for a dog, you’re giving him or her a place to rest, relax, heal and adapt to new surroundings. In return, you’ll enjoy one or more of the following: tail wags, sloppy wet kisses, endless playtime, warm fuzzy feels and unconditional love. Those are some pretty awesome trade-offs if you ask us.

Interested? Contact us at utahfoster@bestfriends.org to learn more or to find a furry friend to foster. If you’re unable to help with one of these 25 brave pups, don’t worry! Transport programs like this one are ongoing, so there will be more chances to get in on the fun.

Can't foster but want to support lifesaving programs? You can help by spreading the word or by donating to the animals of Best Friends.

With your help, we can end the killing in America’s shelters and give every homeless pet a chance at life. Together, we can Save Them All.