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Seven points that illustrate why Yorbia should indeed be yours.

By: on January 28, 2019

She’s mysterious and majestic, a quintessential cat with a magic all her own. At 10 years old, gorgeous Yorbia is also active and healthy, aside from a kidney issue easily managed with a special diet. And she’s hoping for an adults-only home where she can relax and enjoy all the delights of life as a beloved family member.

Seven points that illustrate why Yorbia should indeed be yours:

  1. You’ve got a soft spot for the ones who need a little extra time to build trust.
  2. Intelligence and good looks appeal to you, as do loyalty, sincerity and the most mesmerizing eyes.
  3. On a scale of one to cat savvy, you’re right up there.
  4. You’re a one-pet-at-a-time-type person — at least at the moment. (Yorbia’s looking to be your one and only.)
  5. “Quaintly complicated” is your jam — for instance, independent cats who enjoy their space but also adore affection.
  6. You’re charmed every now and then by a little feline chattiness.
  7. You find Yorbia every bit as beautiful as she finds you.

Think Yorbia is meant to be yours? Contact for more information or to meet this fabulous feline in person.