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Micky's Incredible Journey from Disaster to Swank City Life

By: on August 17, 2018

When Micky found safety from Hurricane Harvey at Best Friends’ emergency shelter in Houston, he was only just beginning an incredible journey to find his new forever family — a journey that would take him to a completely new city.

As just one of thousands of pets displaced by the storm, Micky stayed at the shelter in Houston for weeks while volunteers tried to find his family, but to no avail. That’s when they knew he needed a little bit of help to find a new home.

Outgoing, friendly and irresistibly handsome, Micky just needed the right audience. So he got a ride with 13 other dogs to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in New York City, where he fit in perfectly. “He charmed everyone with his combination of sweetness and spunk, and he loved taking walks around town,” says Suzanne Remito, adoption specialist.

Before he knew it, Micky had found a new home with Patrick and Mayda. Now, he’s living the New York life — going on walks in Madison Square Park, hanging out with his family at The James NoMad Hotel, and being admired for his good looks at least twice a day.

Micky’s story was possible thanks to a new Best Friends transport program that helps pets travel from regions where they might not get the chance to be adopted to places where they’re more likely to find a home.

It’s all about giving some pretty fantastic dogs and cats an opportunity to shine — which is where you come in. Best Friends needs a few good volunteers in Utah to foster dogs arriving through this program. Fostering is kind of like the best extended sleepover you’ve ever had, with the most gregarious, fun-loving, quirky types of characters you could ever invite over.

By providing a foster home, you can help give one (or more) of these dogs a place to rest, relax, learn new skills and adapt to life in an unfamiliar place. And the perks are numerous: unconditional love, new friends for you and your own two- and four-legged family, endless laughter, games and warm fuzzy feels.

You may find that some of these pups might be coming from regions where heartworm is prevalent. If your foster dog has heartworm, you’ll just need to provide a calm environment and some medication. We’ll cover any medical costs that come up, and your commitment to fostering can be as long or as short as you’d like. We will also be here giving you the help you need to provide these dogs with a safe, caring, temporary home.

You can sign up to foster a dog today by emailing us at and by calling 801-574-2417; or, you can pass this along to a friend who you know can help. Because together, we can give homeless pets the chance to find their forever homes by giving them a place to heal and feel safe. You might even find that you’ll feel like the lucky one after you’ve had one, or two (or even three) of these goof balls around.