April 17, 2018

Looking for playful, affectionate, and just a hint of quirky? 

Meet Dahlia — kitten nursery grad and self-proclaimed sock lover. Dahlia has trouble urinating (the result of an injury) so, she needs help expressing her bladder a few times a day. It’s actually a very simple and quick process. The rest of the time, Dahlia keeps busy with a full schedule of adorable antics and endearing escapades. And then there’s this:

Seven reasons why Dahlia is better than roses
  1. Dahlia is agile and fun, with ninja-like aerial moves used to capture wand toys. Roses are … thorny.
  2. Invite roses over for a snuggle and likely all you’ll get is ignored. Dahlia, on the other hand, appears in your lap almost before you’re sitting down.
  3. Dahlia fetches! OK, solely on her terms and only if it’s her favorite toy, but roses can’t even be bothered to leave the vase.
  4. A word that could never be used to describe Dahlia — wilting.
  5. Dahlia has the cutest habit of collecting her toys and putting them in her food bowl. Give a rose a toy and it probably won’t even put it near the food bowl.
  6. Roses are stately and traditional. Dahlia is four pounds of pure goofball.
  7. Beautiful blossoms are a dime a dozen. Get the one who will love you right back. 

If you think Dahlia is so bloomin’ cute that she’d be a great addition to your family, contact utahfoster@bestfriends.org for more information or to meet this lovebug in person.