NKUT 2015 impact

Putting the ‘Together’ in ‘Together, we can Save Them All’

By Emily Douglas on March 28, 2016

Big things are happening in the state of Utah, and we don’t mean puppy tours of Bryce Canyon or kitten skydiving in Salt Lake City.

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Whitney and Kate

Celebrity supporters visit the Pet Adoption Center

March 15, 2016

Whitney Cummings, Kate Upton and Jennifer Coolidge stop in for a snuggle.

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volunteer Ruth

Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth Weisman

March 11, 2016

One of our first kitten nursery volunteers, Ruth also fosters kittens and mentors new volunteers.

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Support Best Friends for Love UT Give UT

March 7, 2016

Just $10 can make a difference. Donate now!

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