October 31, 2016

2 years old
Spayed Female
Domestic Short Hair Tabby

Chamomile is a lovely girl who took excellent care of her five kittens. With her plushy fur and green-gold eyes, she is adorable. She is very tidy, and likes both canned food and kibble. She can be a bit aloof until you get to know her, but once she trusts you, she’ll be delighted to sleep at the end of your bed. She is very smart and active - her foster family thinks she might do well with another active cat to play with (she can get a little rough when she’s racing around). She’s not a big fan of toys - she’s so over that laser pointer!. She does like sitting in the sun where she can watch outside. She likes to be near her favorite people - say on the arm of the couch instead of in a lap. She is very clear when she’s had enough attention, and just might nip. She would love to have access to a good strong scratching post! She’s generally very quiet, but will make herself heard if she needs something.

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