PAC Remodel
Newly remodeled pet adoption center welcomes visitors.
By: on July 07, 2016

What better way to celebrate the success of the recent Best Friends NKUT Super Adoption than with the opening of a newly remodeled Best Friends Pet Adoption Center? This year has already been one of tremendous growth for Best Friends–Utah, as evidenced by the May super adoption event that saved the lives of 518 pets. And thanks to the recently remodeled Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Sugar House, Best Friends will continue to grow in style.

An interactive experience that helps homeless pets

Early this year, the Best Friends team came together and laid out an extensive remodeling plan for the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center. The space was already created to be welcoming for guests, but the team wanted it to convey to visitors its deep connection to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab — where it all started. They also wanted to create an adoption center that was unique and somewhat unexpected.

“It’s a storefront concept that engages people off the street to come in and spend time with the animals,” say Kim McDaniel, communications manager. “We wanted to make the center highly interactive, fun and educational — a resource for the community.”

To make the pet adoption center interactive, we’ve added state-of-the-art technology that allows guests to sign up in the lobby to volunteer, make a spay/neuter appointment, learn more about adoptable pets and become a Best Friends member.

Welcoming potential pet adopters

The lobby of the newly renovated location is open, airy and prominently displays important progress in Best Friends’ work to save homeless pets. The lobby’s number board changes every time another pet is adopted.   

There’s also new art and signage, thanks to beautiful photographs of Best Friends pets who have found forever homes, along with imagery and messaging from the Sanctuary. A wall in the kitten room displays a timeline from when kittens come to the Best Friends Kitten Nursery from shelter partners through their foster family experience, to spay/neuter and eventually the room they are in at the center. 

Remodel is a sign of growth   

Additional upgrades to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center are all about comfort. New temperature control units have been added to the cat and kitten area to ensure they are cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. And new flooring is designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean.

“The renovations were needed to accommodate the recent increase of visitors, and so far everyone loves the changes,” says Kim. “I’d say it’s a sign that we are headed in a great direction. These changes will certainly help us save even more lives.”  


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