Best Friends Pet Adoption Center holds summertime event for feline youngsters.
By: on June 24, 2015

Daisy’s long journey home started in April, when the tiny kitten with the twinkly blue eyes was picked up as a stray by Salt Lake County Animal Services. Since she was only a few weeks old and still nursing, she was the perfect candidate to enter the Best Friends Kitten Nursery. The nursery helps local municipal shelters save more tiny kittens, like Daisy. By mid-June, Daisy was big and healthy enough to be spayed and go to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Sugar House to find her forever home.

Because shelters are flooded with cats and kittens like Daisy, Best Friends works hard to help get as many of them into homes as possible. So, on June 20 from noon until 5 p.m., Best Friends–Utah hosted a party called “Club Kitten” to find wonderful matches for young felines and to help spread the word about adoption. The extra promotion was just what Daisy needed.

Club Kitten

Kim McDaniel, communications manager at Best Friends–Utah says, “We had a great turnout and a lovely time getting to know people and educating them about the nursery and foster process.” The party was made even more festive by decorations, a red carpet, music and free refreshments.

Another benefit of Club Kitten was that many of the people attending were also able to meet adult cats and dogs, too. Kittens, cats and dogs all went home during the event.

Daisy’s big day

Dian Mouser was looking for a kitty to help bring more joy to her home. She met Daisy during the promotion and knew they were meant to be together. So she adopted the sweet kitten. “She really is darling and so much fun,” says Dian. “She is lot of company for someone who lives alone.”

Dian isn’t the only one who loves Daisy. The cute kitten with the outgoing personality is also a hit with Dian’s grandchildren. “They love her so much too,” says Dian. “I can’t imagine my life now without Daisy in it.”

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