White bunny eating greens
Young bunnies are ready to go to their new homes.
October 03, 2014

Sweet Dee is a confection to behold. With her ermine coat and affectionate personality, this young rabbit is just ready to hop into her new home. Salt Lake City residents are getting the first dibs on adopting her, as well as 12 other young spayed or neutered rabbits. These rabbits’ short lives may have started out on the wrong foot, but luckily, the other one is quite lucky because Best Friends is committed to making sure each rabbit finds his or her new, loving forever home.   

Things weren’t always rosy for Sweet Dee. She was among more than 20 rabbits who were multiplying, well, like rabbits, at a residence in Kanab, Utah. Best Friends Animal Society stepped in to help with a big trap/neuter/return project to get the population explosion under control. When Jason Dickman (Best Friends rabbit manager) arrived on the property, he knew immediately that the situation needed attention right away. 

“Bunnies were popping up everywhere on their property,” says Jason. “They are master breeders and burrowers. A healthy rabbit can dig up to 20 feet per day and once they get going, barns start sinking and foundations get wrecked.” Many Best Friends departments came together to provide the rabbits with the help they needed. The emergency response team, the safety and security manager, the Community Programs and Services senior manager and even the Human Resources director helped out. The Best Friends Animal Clinic performed all the surgeries. The project, which placed great emphasis on the health and safety of all the rabbits, was a rousing success. No new baby bunnies would be born, but some would need new digs. 

With too many rabbits to care for, some of the “kits” (as baby rabbits are called) were getting into trouble. In fact, one of the rabbits currently available for adoption is called Trouble. Even Sweet Dee had her own problems when Best Friends arrived on the scene. She was stuck in a bottle. Luckily, she was rescued in time, but other than experiencing a bit of a scare, she’s healthy, happy and ready to find her forever family. The other rabbits ready to hop on home include: Crazy Horse, The Dude, Jammer, Abbey, Penny, Sky, Eerie, Bubbles, Justice, Liberty and Hayduke. 

The adoption fee for these special kits is $30 for one and — because bunnies really like to have a friend — $50 for a pair. All officially adopted rabbits will be transported from the Sanctuary to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Sugar House. To get started, take the sanctuary rabbit online adoption survey. To check out all these young, vibrant rescued rabbits at http://bestfriends.org/promo.