Looks Like:
Domestic Medium Hair
3 years 7 months
General Age:
10.9 pounds
Chocolate (Mostly)


Hi there, my name is Houdini! I'm a beautiful long haired, cross eyed boy who is looking for the perfect forever home that can accept me for who I am. And who am I, exactly? Well, like my namesake, I'm a great illusionist. My stunning good looks and soft fluffy fur may lure you into a false sense of security with me. I do of course love getting pets and cuddles, napping in an afternoon sunbeam, and watching birds outside my window, all that "normal" cat stuff. But I also like to bite, and sometimes it's hard to know when the urge is coming. To be honest, 2020 was a difficult year for me (who doesn't feel that way?), and the stress of everything pushed me over the edge. I've been returned a few times in the last year now for my biting, but I promise I'm working on myself! I reached out to my doctor and started taking some anti-anxiety medication which really helps keep me in the right frame of mind, so it's important my new family keep me on that med. Luckily it's pretty inexpensive - and look at me, I'm worth a little extra cost. I'd prefer a home without kids or other animals as they only make my anxiety worse. I'm a great guy deep down, I just need someone who will give me time to adjust, keep me on my meds, and help me figure out and work through my triggers. If you can relate, please email utahadoptions@bestfriends.org and we can be accountability buddies.